Natural Assets Alliance of the South West Sustainability Partnership

Terms of Reference

The South West Natural Assets Alliance Committee (Natural Asset Alliance) is created by the South West Sustainability Partnership Inc. (SWSP) as a standing committee of the Board.


The Natural Assets Alliance is established to support and advise the Board of SWSP on issues and projects related to conservation, management and enhancement of the natural assets, biodiversity, coastal environment, agricultural productivity and community amenity in south west Victoria. It will work collaboratively with other SWSP Committees and groups with similar interests in the wider community.


Each SWSP Member may nominate a person to the Alliance. Other organisations or people who are not part of an SWSP Member may be coopted subject to the agreement of the SWSP Board.

The Alliance will be chaired by a Member nominated by the SWSP Board.


The Alliance through its members and any employed project staff will:

  • Develop and oversee projects and activities funded through the DPI, DSE and other Government agencies.

  • Seek out, develop and manage other projects funded or co-funded by other parties.

  • Approve reports and accountability statements for the SWSP Board and other bodies as required from the above activities.

  • Undertake activities that enhance knowledge, awareness and management of the regionís natural assets.

  • Undertake other activities as referred to it by the SWSP Board.


Finances related to projects overseen by the Alliance will be maintained as separate accounts within the framework of the SWSP accounts. The Alliance will oversee management of relevant project funds and report to the SWSP Board.

Meetings and Processes

The Alliance will meet at least 5 times per year, normally bi-monthly.

  • The Alliance will determine its own meeting processes.

  • Minutes of all meetings will be kept and copies forwarded to the SWSP Board together with advice and recommendations.

Natural Assets Alliance Newsletter - July 2009