Framework for Community Report Card

Vision for Great South West

“The Great South West is a great place to live, work and visit with great lifestyle choices. We are happy, healthy and well educated, and engaged in a thriving, multifaceted and resilient economy with a focus on ‘clean green’ goods. We value our environment and act together to ensure a healthy and beautiful environment for our community, and its visitors, to enjoy now and into the future.”

Adapted from the visions of South West Sustainability Partnership Sustainability Blueprint (2001), the Great South Coast Regional Strategic Plan 2010 and the region’s local government environmental or sustainability strategies.

Purpose of the Community Report Card

"To report on the sustainability of the region to Local Governments, local organisations, industry and community enabling informed decision making to enhance the region’s sustainability"


The primary audience for the Community Report Card is the Local Governments (LGAs) in the region, since this is a Victorian Sustainability Local Accord funded project.

The secondary audience are the local governments’ customers, the region’s CMAs, the region’s institutions including Wannon Water, industry and businesses and state government.

The tertiary audience is the community of South West Victoria, including local sustainability groups and coast action groups.

Boundary for the Community Report Card

The boundary is that of the six Local Governments that make up the Barwon South West - Great South Coast region of Regional Development Victoria. That is, Glenelg Shire Council, Southern Grampians Shire Council, Moyne Shire Council, Warrnambool City Council, Corangamite Shire Council and Colac Otway Shire Council (see Regional Development Victoria The Community Report Card will be reported at the local government scale. It was agreed that this region be called ‘The Great South West’ for this project and the sustainability assessment, as this takes in both the Great South Coast and Barwon South West region names for which the councils involved are a part.

Communication and Reporting

There are three communication products:

  1. One page summary ‘Great South West Community Report Card’ including maps of human and ecosystem wellbeing, stories of sustainability for each council area and a summary ranking of all indicators for each council area.
  2. Technical Report including the results for each indicator for all Council areas, as well as explanation about the indicator’s link to sustainability and what the results mean for the region’s sustainability.
  3. Website with interactive indicator reports where indicators can be updated live as data is available and people can chose the council area and indicator they want to look at.

Sustainability Model for Community Report Card

The model that was agreed upon to be the framework for the sustainability assessment was the human-ecosystem linked model of Wackernagel and Yount (1998). This model was chosen to represent sustainability in South West Victoria as it represents the interaction of the human system with the natural system, making it easy for everyone in the community to understand their role in the sustainability of our region.